The Coronavirus affects us all!

We are all following the development of the Corona-pandemic very closely. The Coronavirus has a significant impact on public life and therefore also on CeramOptec®. We have, of course, taken measures to protect our employees in recent days, such as the possibility of working in the home office. All of CeramOptec GmbH's production, logistics, customer service and sales remain 100 % functional.   

The German government has classified the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany as an "exceptional situation" in the sense of the Epidemic Law. Border controls have been introduced between Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and Austria. The management of CeramOptec® will continue to follow the official guidelines and comply with the instructions of the Federal Government in order to ensure the safety of our team, customers and suppliers. This is all for the benefit of our customers and our employees.   

Of course, we can still be reached by telephone and e-mail. All CeramOptec® employees do their best to keep response and reaction times as short as possible. CeramOptec®'s daily business and supply chain are not affected.

Please call us if you need support.     

CeramOptec® wishes you and your families all the best! Stay healthy!




November 17 - 19, 2020;
Frankfurt, Fair
Hall 3.1, Stand 502

欢迎访问 CeramOptec®

30 多年来,CeramOptec® 一 直是光纤领域的先驱。根据您的需求量身定制光纤解决方案:无论是何种应用类型、行业或目标,我们都确保您能获得光纤的最大使用收益。

预制棒 - 光纤 - 组件

CeramOptec® 与 Ceram Optec SIA 合作,确保在您的应用范围内为您提供最高质量和最佳传输速率的光纤组件。从预型件到成品,我们完全掌控整个制造过程,能够为客户提供最佳的质量控制、定制解决方案和有竞争力的价格。


(多种光纤组件)定制光纤配置是我们的专长:不同纤维,不同设计,适用于各种 用途


(单光纤组件CeramOptec® 与 Ceram Optec SIA 合作制造了大量的光纤电缆,可满足您的不同需求。光缆可配备各种保护套管和插头。更多


我们专注于制造定制化的光纤产品,适用于各种 用途具备数值孔径从高到低的多种规格,有多种芯径可选,从UVMIR有多种波长可选。更多